About Ret&Råd Lawyers

Ret&Råd is an association of more than 30 law firms throughout Denmark, with partnering firm in Sweden. Ret&Råd provides legal services within all areas of private law and corporate law – both nationally and internationally.

Facts about Ret&Råd
  • 200 employees
  • 70 attorneys and lawyers
  • More than 30 offices across Denmark
  • Associated with law firms throughout Europe

One of the Ret&Råd's primary strenghts is that all our attorneys are part of a broad, nationwide network. Ret&Råd achieves excellence through collective effort and a willingness to share expertise between firms. Regardless of the legal issue, Ret&Råd will be able to offer you or your company competent legal services.

All our attorneys and lawyers receive a broad education through regular internal training and individual courses for development of key competences relevant for our clients and fellow colleagues.

The Ret&Råd attorneys and lawyers are all members of the Danish Bar and Law Society and are assigned by the Ministry of Justice in Denmark. The Society has obligations towards the legal profession as well as society as a whole. The Society guards the integrity and independence of attorneys. As such, attorneys at Ret&Råd are encompassed by the Danish Bar and Law Society's supervisory and disciplinary system and rules on good legal ethics, cf. Section 126 of the Administration of Justice Act. In addition to this, the code of conduct for lawyers applies.

Contact us by phone: +45 70 20 70 70 or e-mail: sekretariatet@ret-raad.dk