Litigation in Denmark and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

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Why is it important?

Disputes may arise during the course of any commercial relationship, even though we try to avoid them. In order to minimize this unpleasant situation and its impact, we always recommend that business parties plan how to solve such conflicts long before they arise; during the initial contracting phase.

By choosing the law and the forum up front, the framework for the dispute resolution is in place from the beginning. This alone will save the parties many resources. 

If the framework for dispute resolution was not drawn up in the contract prior to the dispute, it is still possible to mitigate the negative impact through a firm but friendly negotiation with the opposing party. 

Especially in contractual relationships between parties who often do business with each other, we recommend solving the disputes by mediation rather than through the court system. Even though a dispute is never something two parties wish for, it might actually leave the parties’ business relations and communication stronger if the dispute is settled by mediation or negotiations, rather than through the regular court system. 

What can we do to help?

At R&R International, you can rely on our experience in litigation in Denmark to help you to make the optimal choices for your business in case of a dispute or court case. 

How can we assist you?

Our expertise includes: 

  • Litigation
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Settlements/Conciliation
Litigation in Denmark
The Danish legal system is divided into three main tiers; the district courts, the High Courts (Western and Eastern), and finally the Supreme Court.
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