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At Ret&Raad we are ready to offer you personal legal advice, regardless of the geographical distance. Whether you as a foreigner are looking to buy a home in Denmark or a lawyer from abroad handling a divorce or inheritance estate with assets in Denmark, we work with you to find solutions to your particular case.

Personal legal advice

You can rely on our experienced team in various legal fields, such as civil, family, real estate, and succession matters - we are comfortable to reach and agile solving your questions. We understand your problem and find quick practical solutions to your particular situation, supporting you throughout the process.

International background and network

Within our team, you can find internationally educated lawyers with hands-on experience handling cross-border cases. We have a reliable network throughout Europe, especially in the Nordic countries and in Spain, and other parts of the world, enabling us to assist our customers with legal, professional, and competent advice. 

Questions? Contact us directly on or +45 46 30 46 72, or find solutions in the articles on this page. 

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Are you looking to buy real estate in Denmark?

Maybe you have lived in Denmark for a while now, and you have come to realize how Denmark is, for many reasons, one of the happiest countries to live in. However, buying real estate is always an important transaction, even more when you are looking to purchase and establish yourself in a country different from your native country.
Af Carme Pérez Cot Advokat | Abogada

Estate administration with assets in Denmark

These days we more and more often meet transnational inheritances and estates, as our clients also move more often to other countries or acquire a summerhouse or other assets in different countries. In this article, we would like to present you with an overview of how inheritance and estate administration is regulated in Denmark, in case you are currently living in Denmark, have assets in Denmark, or perhaps you have a relative with residence and/or help in Denmark.
Af Carme Pérez Cot Advokat | Abogada