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R&R International welcomes all international companies that are considering doing business in Denmark, as well as Danish companies that intend to do business abroad.

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R&R International is your legal advisor and sparring partner, both in your daily business-life and when important decisions needs to be taken. We have comprehensive knowledge of our clients’ industries and you can rely on our experience when assisting you with your business in Denmark and abroad. 


We have a solid network throughout Europe, especially in the Nordic countries and in Spain, but also in other parts of the world, which enables us to assist our customers during their international journey.

Are you an international business or have plans to become one? We have written a number of short articles on the subjects below, including our preferred links to public organizations and authorities, to help you find answers to the most common questions and help you to get where you want to be, physically and commercially.

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How do I protect my trademark in Denmark and Europe?

Your trademark is one of your main business assets as it makes your customers able to distinguish your company and products from your competitors. Therefore, the value of your business relies upon how well you protect your trademark. You must constantly monitor the market and prevent others from using similar trademarks for the same products and services.
Af Carme Pérez Cot Advokat | Abogada

How to stop someone from copying your trademark or products in Denmark

When you become aware of an IPR-infringement of your trademark or product, it is important to react fast. Although there are no specific time-limitations to initiate infringement proceedings, the promptness of your reaction will determine whether a Danish court will grant a preliminary injunction to stop the infringement immediately. In this article, we would like to give you answers on how to handle trademark infringement proceedings in Denmark.
Af Nicholas Ørum Keller Partner | Advokat (L)

Collective bargaining agreements in Denmark

Unlike most European countries, the Danish labour market is built on collective agreements between the representative organizations of employers and employees.
Af Nicholas Ørum Keller Partner | Advokat (L)

Invest in Denmark

We recommend all foreign companies to visit the public organisation “Invest in Denmark”.

Invest in Denmark is a branch of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ret&Råd have offices that are Invest in Denmark’s legal partners in Denmark. This means that we are part of the welcome committee when foreign companies come to discover the business potential in Denmark.


Business in Denmark

We recommend paying a visit to “Business in Denmark” by the Danish Business Authority. 

Business in Denmark is the easy-to-use English portal of the Danish Business Authority. It is made specifically for service providers from other EU and EEA countries.