General terms and conditions

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High-quality and effective case management

High-quality and effective case management are key to us. We therefore specialise in various legal areas to be able to tailor our legal advice to your specific needs, and we regularly participate in legal training courses etc. to improve our skills.

As part of our services, we aim to ensure that your case is managed in a satisfactory way and that the agreements concluded with the other parties to the case provide you with the best possible outcome.

We regularly inform you about the progress of your case, and we will discuss and agree with you how to go through with the case.

Let us be straight, this is what you get

At Ret&Råd Advokater Glostrup Ballerup Greve we strive to provide our clients with the best possible legal advice and service.

To achieve that goal, it is essential that we understand each other. Therefore, we try to avoid difficult legal terms and phrases if possible. However, this is not always possible, and we therefore strongly advise you to contact us if you have any questions.

Our legal advice is independent and impartial, and we only take on your case if we believe that we can obtain the best possible outcome for you.

If you are a consumer and want us to go perform a service for you without meeting us in person, we can only start work on the case two weeks after you have accepted in writing to waive your right of cancellation.

Scope of third-party liability insurance

Ret&Råd Advokater Glostrup Ballerup Greve has taken out third-party liability insurance against any claims for damages. This will protect you against losses, if we commit an error during our case management. However, our liability is limited to a maximum of DKK 5 million per case involving personal individuals and DKK 10 million per case involving businesses. We are not liable for indirect losses such as operating losses.

Moreover, our liability insurance does not cover deposits in client accounts exceeding EUR 100,000 if the bank goes bankrupt. Accordingly, we only use banks that are considered to be secure.

If you accept that we use external advisers and such advisers seek to limit their liability, we are authorised, without your prior acceptance, to accept such limitation of liability on your behalf.

Fees and expenses

Fees may be very difficult to determine in advance. Typically, they are based on time consumed, the attorney’s specialist knowledge and experience, the complexity of the case and its importance to you, the values involved, the outcome achieved and the liability involved in the case. Fees are settled on an ongoing basis to ensure that you are always updated on the costs of the case. A suitable payment on account must be made when our case work begins. You are always welcome to contact us for information about the exact time consumed. We will also inform you of any expected out-of-pocket expenses.

As mentioned above, we specialise in various legal areas and are therefore able to work fast and efficiently, thereby minimising time consumption and fees as much as possible. Moreover, we use a very precise time recording system, making recordings for every five minutes.


We continuously seek to improve our case management and therefore welcome your praise and complaints, both in the course of and when we conclude our work.

Avenues of complaint

We always aim to have an open and honest dialogue with our clients to avoid unpleasant surprises during our collaboration. However, if you are displeased with something, please contact us. We recommend that you contact your attorney directly.

You can also complain about the conduct and/or fees of your attorney to:

The Secretariat of the Disciplinary Board (Advokatnævnet)
Kronprinsessegade 28
DK-1306 Copenhagen K
Tel.: +45 33 96 97 98

Read more about avenues of complaint at:


You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our terms and conditions, etc.